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​Obstacle Guard Sleeve Review by Kristena Lynn

Posted by Kristena Lynne on


A lot of people have been enquiringly about the gear I wear at races and work outs. Most of the questions have been about Obstacle Guard. So I will give some incite on the products and why I like to use them.

So first off what is Obstacle Guard? Obstacle Guard's are protective are and leg sleeves with protective durable padding where it counts. The arms (which are my favorite by the way) have forearm and elbow protection. These work great for activities such as: forearm planks, barbed wire crawls, z walls and much more. The legs have shin and knee protection. These work great for activities such as: box jumps, dead lifts, barbed wire crawls, and much more. They both have grips on the top and the bottom for anti slip protection. They work great and remember to wear the sleeves with nothing under them for the best performance.

I have worn my sleeves to 10 events this year already and to the gym most everyday(not so much to Yoga :) But I could). They have saved me at RDFT Boot Camp so many times I can't even count. When I forget to wear them is when I usually needed them the most. Let's just say commando push ups are much better with Obstacle Guard on than off...

Lets talk durability. I have put these things threw the ringer... OCR, Boot Camp, Burpee Mile, 2 Hurricane 12 Hours Heats, mud, sand, water, gravel, barbed wire, I could go on... After all of there have been no rips, no stretching, no fading, and no shifting. Still 100% the same as the day I got them.

Comparability is always a key factor in what I race in. Obstacle Guard is breathable and very light weight. I don't even notice I am wearing them half the time. That is a good thing so that I am focused more on the task at hand instead of the gear I am wearing.

During the Vegas Super I was stopped more times than I could count about my arm sleeves. I shared as much information as I could during a race and offered a discount code if they were interested. So if you are interested in one of the leading protective products in OCR. And a product the will help you get back to work on Monday. I would give them a try. Use code SPECIALK for 10% and tell them I sent you.

by Kristena Lynne (find SpecialK here on Facebook and Instagram ).

Photo from SpartanRace

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